Hot Spring County 911 is a separate department within County government.  While they are not within the same department, HSCDEM and HSC911 work closely together.   HSC911 is staffed by a Director, part-time administrative assistant, 9 full-time dispatchers, and 3-5 part-time dispatchers. The Director reports directly to the Hot Spring County Judge, with all other employees solely supervised by the Director.


HSC911 is the sole Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), and answers every 911 call that originates from within the County, regardless of political boundary. We operate what is known as a “consolidated dispatch center”. As such, it is the central and only point of emergency communications for all public safety agencies in Hot Spring County. The agencies we serve on a primary basis are:

  • Hot Spring County Sheriff's Office

  • Malvern Police Department

  • Rockport Police Department

  • Friendship Police Department

  • Perla Police Department

  • Malvern Fire Department

  • 17 Volunteer Fire Departments (Including 4 with service areas in other counties that extend into Hot Spring County)


The center has 2 incoming 911 landlines, 4 incoming wireless 911 lines, and 6 administrative lines. After regular business hours, telephone calls to the Malvern Police Department roll over into the center. At Hot Spring County 911, each dispatcher is required to answer telephone calls as well as operate radio channels. A dispatcher may be working an emergency or in-progress event on the radio while processing a different call on the telephone.


Some calls are simple administrative functions (e.g. people needing information or transferred to other agencies). Other calls are serious medical emergencies which require the dispatcher to stay on the line to gather information from the caller, or may be emergency crimes in progress which require the dispatcher to stay on the telephone to obtain suspect information, description, and direction of travel until law enforcement officers arrive.
Dispatchers must be ready to respond to any type of situation and are required to multi-task.


Hot Spring County DEM  |  215 East Highland Avenue Malvern, AR 72104  |  (501) 332-4911